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Солнечная Кошка

А я тут между прочим...

тружусь непокладая рук на ниве улиткопродвижения :)))) даже интервью давала газете, дада :))))

Polina Nikolashina, 31, and her four giant snails. The bigger they get, the more interesting and friendly they become.

“Sometimes they look like they’re having a chat or are dancing,” she says.

They’re still toddlers in snail years, but fully grown they’ll have a 22cm-long body and a 20cm shell.

Polina says they keep her kids entertained – chomping on fruit and veg and going for a walk every two days along the kitchen worktops. The only downside, according to Polina, is they’re not very playful.

“They won’t bring your ball back,” she notes.

Нагло сплагиатила кого то из френдов с фразой про мячик :)) Но устоять не смогла, фраза про "мячик не приносят" у нас в семействе стала любимой просто :))

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