Солнечная Кошка (sunnycat) wrote,
Солнечная Кошка

Медведеотчет :)

28-30 November 2008
This weekend I was visiting my Russian friend Anastasia and her family. On Friday afternoon right after the school I was taken to their house and had to take an express course of Russian language so I could communicate to everybody – Russian is the only “officially allowed” language in this family. I have been introduced to Anastasia’s brother Sergey and after a quick snack all three of us have enjoyed a sequel of very popular Russian cartoons about a nice and kind tomcat and two cheeky and silly mice.
Next morning we all had a quick breakfast and headed to a Russian school where Anastasia studies every Saturday. I was allowed to join Anastasia in the class and have even managed to get a special sticker for my progress in learning Russian language.
Unfortunately the weather for the whole weekend was quite miserable so we have spent the rest of Saturday and the whole Sunday inside playing, chatting and watching educational DVDs. I have made very good friends with a bunch of local teddy bears living in this house and was invited to pop in at anytime.

Фотоприложение :)
Ну конечно, медведь может ездить только пристегнутым! :)

В школе на занятиях :))) наши преподаватели святые люди :)))) Медведь даже стикер получил за хорошее обучение :)))

Эх, жаль мы их не на медвежью шкуру посадили. Но муж сказал что это будет слишком неэтично :)))))

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